Saturday, November 9, 2013

How to Choose a Freelance Writer

Before you choose a freelance writer, you need to understand who a freelance writer is, what he or she can deliver, and why you need one.

A freelance writer is an independent contractor who offers his or her writing skills to clients at competitive prices and handle their writing tasks in an agreed time frame. Unlike content farms and content spinners who offer to "write" huge number of zero-quality articles in a short time, at dirt cheap rates, a freelance writer, with his or her impeccable writing skills and experience can offer you high quality content at affordable rates, with a reasonable and realistic quantity-time ratio.

If all you care is quantity, you can go for content farms that can mint out huge number of spun articles in a short time, but if quality of content holds a higher priority than quantity, a freelance writer is your best bet.

When you choose a freelance writer, you need to keep the following 3 things in mind-


To know if the writer is capable of fulfilling your requirements, you should look for his or her experience in the industry. You can ask for writing samples and see if they have the writing tone that matches your requirements.


Reliability is another important factor to consider when you choose a freelance writer. You need to make sure that the writer is capable of writing with minimum errors and meet deadlines effectively. You can ask for references of their previous clients to check out their experience with the writer.

Customer Focus
Professionalism is an important requirement in any service in the market. When you communicate with the writer, you should check out their passion and professionalism in their responses, be it in chat or through email. This way you can make sure that you are hiring a serious professional writer.

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