Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why choose a Freelance Writer

With many businesses going online each day competing aggressively in the search engine market, the importance of Internet as a medium of communication is now greater than ever. With the evolving search algorithms of popular search engines like Google, and Yahoo, the success of a business's online campaigns today, is based on one thing- Quality Content. This is where you need the help of a freelance writer.

It is the content of a website that actually communicates to the visitor, what the website is all about. In dawn of the search engine market, the focus of most internet marketers was on getting maximum links to their websites. In the frenzy of getting links, they ignored the importance of web content quality. As Google, the search engine giant realized that their search quality is severely compromised due to poor content on link-rich-high-ranking websites, they set out their black and white beasts- Panda and Penguin.

While Panda hunts for websites that has poor content, Penguin targets poor link building. The Panda caused extensive damage to many websites that were once ranking high on search results. This is how the SEO professionals realized the importance of high quality content. The content spinning and spamming lost its charm. Internet marketers started employing writers at their firms.

Everybody now accepts that content is the king of internet marketing, but the very content creators are rarely given recognition in their own firms. The zealous Internet marketers and content mills have been exploiting writers to mint money from their creativity paying them peanuts in return. The lack of recognition, and poor pay have always discouraged writers, and that is reflected by the poor quality articles they write.

Writing is an emotional art. Respect and recognition have always helped writers make masterpieces. Hire a freelance writer instead of paying a content mill or outsourcing vendor, and give the content creators the deserved recognition and payment. In return, get sensational masterpieces from the happy freelance writers and go viral with your online campaigns!

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