Writer24x7: The Idea
I named my website Writer24x7 as a tribute to all those wannabe writers who struggle to make a living with the written word. This website is hosted for free on the world's most beautiful platform gifted by Google- Blogger.com. The only expense was for the domain name. More than just a personal website, I want this to be an inspiration to other budding writers to start their own blogs and reach out for a bright career.

More than for just ranting my ideas, I want this website be a source of help to my fellow writers  The content which will be published here would in some way be related to writing, and will contain at least one or all of the following ingredients : -
  • Controversial Opinions (Debatable)
  • Humor
  • New Interesting Information
  • Images/ Inforgraphics 
"Shareability" is the magic word! I focus on writing stuff that are shareable. 

In time, I will share with you a lot of writing tips in the form of blogs or eBooks that will be of great use for your everyday writing. Similarly, you too can contribute your ideas and tips to help your fellow writers. Network to help writers is my dream. Hope you dream the same.

Allwin Joy

Allwin Joy is a seasoned Freelance Writer and Content Developer, with a great deal of experience in writing SEO articles, marketing-oriented web content, sales letters, eBooks and newsletters. He has been honing his writing skills as a professional since 2010. He does not believe in using big words, instead takes immense passion in sharing valuable information in simple and clear language for all to read and understand. As a professional content developer he has helped a number of online businesses sell their products better. He personally believes that a concoction of quality content and a little SEO tweak, can get a flood of traffic to any website.